Moo Music - Having started in Winchester and North Devon - Moo Music was released nationally in 2013 and is now the largest pre-school music session franchise for the under 5s in the UK. We have over 150 'farmers' in the UK as well as a few international ones. Moo Music Australia launched in 2016.

Nick Parker.
A Singer Songwriter with a wealth of musical history going back to the early 90's. Check out his website for more details.


Norman Parker
Surrealist Artist Norman Parker says "I like exploring the marvellous and irrational; in finding beauty in strange things.
So, for me, the image is more important than the surface of the paint.
Some of the objects or situations in the paintings are imaginary; but imaginary things are not unreal, they are just a different sort of 'real'."

Chris Parker Photography  -  Landscape and Family Portrait Photography
Chris particularly enjoys photographing the UK's varied coastline, and his favourite area is the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. He has won a couple of competitions, and he has had photos published in various calendars and magazines. He also takes photos regularly of his family and friends, and especially likes to take pictures of people in beautiful places.

Erin Matthews
Erin released her debut album 'Songs from the End of my Bed' in the summer of 2006 and released her second album 'Frog Street' during 2009.  Hopefully her 2 (soon to be 3) children will have given her some inspiration for the 3rd album. I hope so! 


Hardy Music.
Hardy Music is a Record Company and Publishing Company for Nick Parker, Erin Matthews, Ant Parker and the band WHY?


Throughout the 90's the Folk Rock Skiffle band WHY? (aka on occasions the Mandolin Brothers) shared their energy, enthusiasm and humour with sweaty fans all across Europe.
Soon there will be a complete rundown of the personnel, songs, highlight gigs, recordings, photos etc.

Adverse Camper. Currently not active.
T-Shirts, Hoodies and Stickers.

Fish Positive. Currently not active.
Fish Positive is an offshoot of Hardy Music and exists to promote specifically Christian recordings.
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