For some bizarre reason you have clicked on the Mr and Mrs P (P is for Parker) link so I guess we had better not disappoint and include some text and a photo or two.
We're more commonly known as Ant and Jess and are often referred to as 'Peas in a Pod' due to the similarity of our interests and simple lifestyle. We also realized that most businesses we 'manage' began with or could be categorized (albeit sometimes ambiguously) under a heading beginning with 'P' so Ps in a Pod was born as the sort of umbrella company for all we do.

We live in Braunton in the beautiful county of North Devon with 2 daughters and 5 gerbils - although there is usually a cat or two and a borrowed dog running around. We go to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland for our holidays. We enjoy walking, looking at the sea, good coffee, worshiping, church, cowrie hunting, patchwork quilt making, golf, running, growing your own, cutting the grass, gardening, DIY, acoustic and live music, drinking tea and generally enjoying life, each other and our family at a fairly slow pace!

The Parker side of the family are all very creative and most are featured on this website somewhere.
Starting with my lovely Parents Norman and Liz - Norman is the artist and Liz does the most amazing Calligraphy pieces - website coming soon. Both are very good musicians that nurtured a love of music in the rest of us.
Chris Parker is the photographer and has been involved in the recording of several albums with primary school children.
Nick Parker is a solo singer/songwriter and has been in bands and on recordings since the early 90's including 6 years with the band WHY? which he co-fronted with Ant, aka Mr P,.. oh that's me!
Ali Hider (nee Parker) plays guitar and sings on an internationally released album called 'Raise Up An Army' by Steve Abley.

So that's us in a nutshell, or should that be in a pod!

Enjoy looking around at what we do.

P's be with you!
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